Travel Resources

Planning a trip has a lot of moving pieces and getting them all to line up can be a challenge. You need access to the right travel resources.

Having planned hundreds of trips for myself and others, ranging from day trips up to a solid 13 months, I have whittled down all of the travel sites out there to my go-to travel resources.  Looking for something not included below?  Reach out to me.

Disclosure: Some of the links below may be affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase.



If you have flexibility in your travel schedule, Skyscanner can help you find the cheapest destinations and rates. My favorite feature is searching by a city or country to a generic “everywhere” or to another country to see where flights might be the cheapest. It’s my favorite site for international flight research.


Kayak is my go-to site to start scoping out domestic flights. It aggregates all airlines (except Southwest as far as I am aware) to provide a comprehensive view of your options. My favorite features are being able to search plus or minus 3 days plus limiting the times I fly in and out.

Google Flights

Google Flights is a flexible way to search for flights. You can put in your departure airport and leave it wide open on date and destination to get a solid feel for what is out there. It’s a good place to start putting your feelers out for both domestic and international travel.

Accommodations gets my vote because it lists hotels, hostels, and at times, other types of accommodations – many of which with zero deposit and free cancellation!  If I’m not 100% sure of my travel dates or locations, this is a great site to use for flexibility.


Agoda is best known in Asia and offers a huge selection of hotels and rentals over there.  It does operate in other parts of the world, but I recommend checking it for any Asian trips you are taking.  Great selection and great price.


Hostelworld has one of the largest listings of hostels I have found.  Hostels offer an affordable solution to traveling solo or with friends.  Having stayed at hundreds of hostels in my life, it is one of the best ways to meet other travelers guaranteed.


Airbnb offers you the opportunity to live like a local. You can rent a room or an entire home from a resident for a day, a week, or a month. Some places even give discounts for longer stays! If it’s your first time trying it, here’s a link to save $55!

Trusted Housesitters

Another alternate way to travel on a budget is to house sit. Trusted Housesitters brings together a huge international community of people looking to have their house and pets looked after while they are gone for a weekend on up to a year.


Stay with locals, for free! Couchsurfing is a community based on the idea of travelers helping other travelers by providing them a place to stay at no charge. It can be a great way to meet locals and get the insider view.  Just follow a few steps to stay safe.



Transportation Options

If you need to know the best way to get from Point A to Point B, Rome2Rio is it. Plug in any two points, and it will suggest multiple routes using planes, buses, trains, ferries, etc.  It is my favorite way to determine how to get somewhere and get an idea of cost.

Offline Maps is the single most valuable app I have used in my travels. It provides downloadable offline maps – you just need to remember to download the maps when you have Wi-Fi. Beyond that, the capabilities are wonderful, and you’ll spend way less time lost!

The Man in Seat 61

Train Travel

Should your trip include any train travel, this is your one-stop shop. The website can be a bit overwhelming, but it provides clear insights into everything trains. You can easily find how to get places by train, what to expect on the train, train schedules, and more.

Other Recommended Travel Resources

World Nomads

Travel Insurance

I was an uninsured traveler for years… until I was mugged at knife point by a gang in Brazil (no joke).  Now, I am a convert. World Nomads gets my vote as they can cover extreme sports, be extended on the road, and cover theft as well as illness.  The low cost is worth the piece of mind.

Get Your Guide

Tours & Activities

Whether you’ve just started planning your trip or are ready to book something, Get Your Guide is a great resource for finding activities and tours around the world.  It’s also a perfect way to also get an idea of the cost of activities at your destination to help budget out your trip.


Tours & Activities

Viator is another great option for finding tours and activities at your destination.  It especially is great for United States based activities.  Whether you want to book ahead or just understand what your options are, it’s an ideal site to get ideas for your trip.


Travel Visas

Before traveling abroad, you should always check if you need a visa for the country you’re headed to.  In some cases you can send your passport directly to the embassy to get it, in other cases using a service is faster and easier.

Lonely Planet

Guide Books & Online Forums

A trusted partner for all travelers, Lonely Planet is perfect to take on the road with you.  Whether you’re a print book lover or more of an e-reader like myself, you can find the in-depth details you are looking for with Lonely Planet.


International Phone Plan

T-Mobile has won me over with it’s free text and data in 140+ countries, the ability to use it the same in Canada, the US, and Mexico, and it’s free in-flight texting and one hour of data usage.  Planning some intense travel? Check them out so you can stay connected.

And there you have it!  Everything you need (and more) to get you started on planning your dream trip.